Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank you for following our journey with Kimberly.  She has been fighting this rare form of cancer for a year now, and she is tired.

About two weeks ago, we called in Hospice to help us help Kimberly and make her comfortable.  The cancer continues to spread despite many medical interventions. 

We are so grateful for everything that the Hampstead community, and people all around the world, have done to help us.  The fundraisers, presents, cards, phone calls, posts on her facebook page, meals, etc.  We could not have survived this without everyone helping.

The medical bills are still piling up, so any donations are greatly appreciated at this point.  Donations can be made at any TD bank, to the Fighting for Kimberly fund, or at this link:
I may be posting more often now, so keep an eye out.
Lots of love,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wheelchairs and Clowning Around

Just wanted to update all of you on how things are going over here.   The doctors do not have a high probability cure for Kimberly, but she is still receiving chemotherapy.  We now have a home nurse coming in, which helps a lot.  We did make a bid at St. Jude's, but they are filled to capacity and had to turn us down. 

In more positive news, Kimberly got a new (electric!) wheelchair, and she loves it!  She is much less dependent on us to get around, and she is like a daredevil riding that thing all around the neighborhood.  It has made such a difference in her spirits.  She also had a terrific time at Halloween (one of her favorite holidays) with her friends - check out my beautiful clown!

We all feel your love every day, and are so thankful for it.  Please keep the prayers coming! 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Still Praying...

Things have not been so good lately.  Monday was the day we’d been waiting for: The trip to Chapel Hill for the scans that would tell us if the radiation had eliminated some of the cancer.  When we arrived, we learned that Kimberly’s doctor was not there.  This was the first in a few days of bad news.  The hospital ran the tests and we learned that Kimberly’s cancer has progressed in the upper and lower spines.  There is a new lesion in the lower spine that was not there on the last scan.  Things are up in the air right now: Even the doctors don’t know where to go next.  We meet with them again in Chapel Hill on Tuesday to talk about a treatment plan. 

Since the hospital, Kimberly has not been feeling well.  She has been extremely tired, and I’m not sure whether it’s from the cancer or the news that it’s gotten worse.  We are all doing what we can to boost her spirits and make her smile.  Please keep praying for us – we need it now more than ever. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Wish Come True

At the airport with her awesome
big sister, Katelyn

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted.  We had a terrific time on our Make a Wish trip to the Florida Keys.  Kimberly had so much fun swimming with the dolphins.  We also went deep sea fishing, and of course Kimberly was the only person to catch anything!  Watching Kimberly do all the things she did last week showed me even more how much of a fighter she is...her spirits the past couple of weeks have been amazing...
Dancing with the dolphin!
Earlier this week, we were in Chapel Hill again to see her doctors.  She will be going back weekly, and on October 1, she will have a scan to see what radiation has done.  I pray that we get great results because at this point the doctors do not know what's next. 


Here is something for all of you who have been thinking of and praying for Kimberly: Tonight Kimberly decided that she did not want dinner (she as not been eating very well).  As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I heard Kimberly say, "Mom, can I have some noodles?"   I told her I would bring her some.  She said, "You don't have to."  I turned around... and there she was.  She had crawled off the couch and scooted into the kitchen on her butt!  This child hasn't moved without the assistance of a wheelchair in months!  If that's not proof of a miracle at work, I don't know what is. 
  I believe God is working his miracles.  Thank you all for your prayers for Kimberly.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Rough Week...

It's been a week of ups and downs for Kimberly. We spent a few days in Chapel Hill, where Kimberly had her final radiation treatment. In about a month, the doctors will conduct a full body scan to see where the cancer stands; at the same time, they will check the status of the blood clots in her arm, leg, and head. Once they have a better idea of what things look like, we are hoping they'll know what to do next. There is a whole lot of uncertainty right now, which is pretty scary for all of us.  

Kimberly, Katelyn, Justin, and me on the way to
the wrestling fundraiser about two weeks ago
 While at the hospital, we learned that Kimberly will not be well enough to attend school when it starts in a few weeks. She is such a social butterfly, she was heartbroken that she wouldn't be able to see her friends every day. Thankfully, that same day, we found out that The Make A Wish Foundation has granted Kimberly a wish. We fly out to Key West, Florida this Monday (August 20) so that Kimberly can swim with the dolphins, go deep sea fishing, and try snorkeling for the first time. She is so excited to go; it warms my heart to see her this happy.
Kimberly's body reacted even more than usual to the radiation this time around. We returned home on Tuesday, and she was sick to her stomach for two straight days. By Thursday night she was back in the hospital. She got a blood transfusion and is doing a whole lot better now. It looks like Florida is still going to happen!

With everything that's going on, what keeps us going are all of the thoughts and prayers that people have been sending our way. It means so much to have so many people who care about us. Please keep it going, and feel free to pass this blog on to your friends and family, or post it to Facebook. We will take all the love we can get!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet Kimberly

We have set up this blog so that friends, family, and supporters of Kimberly Batchelor can learn more about her situation and see how she's doing.

Born on December 8, 1999, Kimberly is a normal little girl who enjoys softball, basketball, and going to the beach. She loves country music. Her favorite animal is the sea turtle. Like many 12 year-olds, Kimberly is a facebook addict. She is rarely seen without a smile.

A few short months ago... before she got sick

In 2008, Kimberly’s father died, leaving her mother, Shona, to care for Kimberly, her sister Katelyn, and her brother Justin. That same year, as the housing marked slumped, Shona’s job as an office manager for an architectural firm was eliminated. Since then, Shona has been making ends meet by cleaning homes and offices, while also attending college.

In January of 2012, Kimberly began experiencing severe headaches. By February, they were debilitating enough for Shona to take her to the ER. After two days of CAT scans, MRIs, and lumbar punctures, the doctors could find nothing wrong, and Kimberly was sent home. She was still smiling.

A week later, while on vacation with her family, Kimberly’s symptoms worsened. She was taken to a bigger hospital and subjected to even more tests… and the doctors could still find nothing.

A week later, Kimberly began having seizures. Within days, she was in a coma. Emergency procedures were required to relieve the pressure on her spine and brain, and she came out of the coma. When she was strong enough, she underwent more tests, with still no diagnosis. And yet she was still smiling.

After months of frustration and five weeks at the one of the best children’s hospitals in the world, a tissue biopsy indicated that Kimberly has a very rare brain disease, leptomeningeal oligodendrogliomatosis. This type of cancer is so rare there are very few documented cases, most of which have been diagnosed post mortem. While the prognosis is not good, the medical community is not certain what is possible and cannot predict what the outcome will be for Kimberly.

Kimberly now
Kimberly began chemotherapy immediately. Like all cancer patients, the side effects of chemotherapy were very hard on Kimberly’s body, but her spirit remained strong. In July, Kimberly started radiation treatment.

In a very short time, the worlds of Kimberly and her friends and family were turned upside down. She is in and out of the hospital. She gets around with the help of a wheelchair. There are days when she seems almost normal, and other days when she can barely stand the pain. She is losing her hair. But she is still smiling.

The family does not have health insurance. Before Kimberly got sick, Shona, like many single parents, struggled to make ends meet. Now, she has stopped working to care for Kimberly, including spending night after night sleeping in a hospital chair at Kimberly’s side.

At one of the many events her community has sponsored
to help Kimberly and her family
Kimberly is from Hampstead, North Carolina, and while it is a small town, Hampstead is a huge community. The community has sponsored bake sales, silent auctions, bar-b-ques, motorcycle Poker Runs, Texas-Hold’em tournaments, and even a wrestling event, giving whatever they can to help Shona pay for hospital bills, food, and other living expenses. But the bills keep coming, and the community is tapped out.

This brave little girl needs your help to keep on fighting. Your donation could help pay for her groceries. A trip to the beach. A round of radiation. Whatever you can give would help this little girl. You could be the key to keeping the smile on this beautiful face.