Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank you for following our journey with Kimberly.  She has been fighting this rare form of cancer for a year now, and she is tired.

About two weeks ago, we called in Hospice to help us help Kimberly and make her comfortable.  The cancer continues to spread despite many medical interventions. 

We are so grateful for everything that the Hampstead community, and people all around the world, have done to help us.  The fundraisers, presents, cards, phone calls, posts on her facebook page, meals, etc.  We could not have survived this without everyone helping.

The medical bills are still piling up, so any donations are greatly appreciated at this point.  Donations can be made at any TD bank, to the Fighting for Kimberly fund, or at this link:
I may be posting more often now, so keep an eye out.
Lots of love,




    The above posted link is about a spitfire little gal who suffered from the same disease as your beloved Kimberly. Our little Tera fought off this cancer for 7 years, before finally succumbing to it 3 days ago. She too, was with Hospice, and they took excellent care of her until her little heart finally stopped beating. This disease is so rare, few will understand how devastating it can be.

    Please remember that hope never ends, it just changes form. Tera will be waiting for Kimberly, and together they will finally be able to laugh, run, jump, and talk about their experience here on Earth.

  2. Our hearts and love go out to your family for the lose of your little girl. No words can be said to take away the pain you are having. We can not understand the lose of your beautiful angel but say this is not goodbye but see you again for when the day comes and you are reunited she will not be in pain but full of life and energy as she once was. She was a wonderful inspired young woman whom will never be forgotten but cherished forever. I pray your hearts can heal and know she is with you always and is no longer in pain but will now watch over you and smile. Our daughter Mckayla will forever remember her friend and will cherish what they had. Our prayers are with you and your family. With Love, The Howell Family